Christian Semlitsch, born as a son of immigrants in Switzerland, discovered his passion for martial arts quite early in his life, but since his parents could not afford training, he taught himself for years, reading, watching, implementing. Deeply inspired by the ancient samurai stories of Akiro Kurosawa, he never let go the fascination of Samurai ever since.

In 2006 he became World Champion in Korean Sword Art, a battlefield Sword technique, similar to the one of the Japanese Samurai. Deeply impacted from the Japanese resources, the Bushido and other teachings, he is passionate about teaching Samurai Success Principles, impacting businesses and peoples lives.

19162_317248172681_33018_nWhat is so interesting about the Samurai today? Ask yourself: How was it possible that Japan, completely destroyed after WWII, recovered so fast and became a leading industry nation? The answer is: It was the Principles of the Samurai that influenced over 900 years peoples thinking, acting and way of living which was and still is setting the foundation for achieving outstanding success.

Christian believes that using and implementing the Samurai ethics and teachings into the modern business world has the power to lead businesses into a new era of success.

During his career, he founded and lead several multimillion businesses. Being a father of three, he left the traditional business way after a disastrous battle-divorce in which he lost everything to become a highly specialized Therapist, Hypnotist and Coach. When winning World Championship in Sword Art, he combined all of his knowledge and leadership experience into the Label of the Swiss Business Samurai.

Today he is a successful international Speaker, Founder of The International Speaker Academy, Speaker-Mentor, Coach and much more.


He’s been featured on BBC Scotland, CNBC Dubai, national TV’s in Germany and Switzerland, Bahrain This Month, Khaleej Times Dubai and has spoken on international stages such as the BPO Summit Dhaka, The Zurich international Hypnotist Convention, at the Burj Al Arab 7 Star Dubai, the World Trade Centre, Dubai Internet City, Real Man Conference Amsterdam, at Self Development Conventions in Cologne, Munich, Google Headquarters Dubai, to name just a few.

He also founded and teaches his own system, the “SystEmpathic© Process”, a highly effective and complete Hypno-Coaching Education System, specialized on releasing traumatic experiences and personal development.

This is what Christian himself says about his past:

197868_5219282681_5590_n“Due to a lack of training opportunities, I buried Martial Arts and Samurai-Dreams and finished High School in 1981 and went to University to become a medical doctor but dropped out 2 years later in order to work in the upcoming computer industry, where I became a marketing manager, later a successful trade show organizer. I changed business and run my own company, from zero to good 6-figures within 6 months and sold it 2 years after.

In 1988 I got married, became a father of 3 children, but after 17 years I faced a disastrous battle-divorce in which I lost everything and was in fact even suicidal for a certain time.

Then I made a decision, not to fail anymore and to constantly reinvent and improve myself and my abilities. After having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, Coaching and Hypnosis among others, I got my own coaching and healing practice. I developed my own system out of the most effective Hypnosis and Coaching tools.

Now, turning back to the roots of my dreams, the Samurai Way showed up again. In 2009, my second wife entered my life and we got married again.

Ever since I am following my journey. I started to practice Sword Art and became World Champion (in Corea) in 2006. The Samurai Way of life became more and more part of my life, since I am coaching, teaching and guiding people the principles of the Bushido to reinvent themselves and to become successful entrepreneurs or leaders.

I published my first book about setting the course for life (in German). 

Today I am a successful international Speaker, a Coach, Hypnotist, a Counsellor and Author. I found my own systems like Samurai Business Principles for Leaders, Managers and Business Owners, but I also teach specialities like Decision Making, Self-Esteem and Charisma among others.

Applying the Samurai Principles distinguishes Entrepreneurs by far from most other business leaders. These Principles are diminishing possible thinking patterns but much more they are enriching, enhancing and boosting businesses if applied from the heart.

port-sword3What distinguishes me from most other business people is my variety in knowledge and experience, having at least 9 professions, 15 years of leadership experience and about 18 years of coaching and treating experience, all of which highly successful. Under my label of the Swiss Business Samurai, I can summarize everything I know, do and believe in.

What I do differently than most others is: When I made a decision I do whatever it takes to make it happen. There is no questioning “if…”, but only of the “how to…” – no matter what. This is why I am always successful in all of my areas.”

My mission is to deliver massive value to my clients by using a coaching system focused on empowerment to help people find their purpose in life and to reinvent themselves. I am using Samurai Success Principles as additional tools to help my clients to achieve great results in a very short amount of time.

Why Samurai Principles? As a World Champion in Korean Sword Art, I feel close to the Bushido, the Book about the Way of the Samurai and the teachings of the famous Samurai of that time. Having studied those resources, I decided to integrate and upgrade them so they can be applied to the modern business world.

Taking care of my clients during breaks.
Taking care of my clients during breaks.

Trauma-Relief, 1:1 Coaching

The system I use is proven. I call it the SystEmpathic© Process and it is designed to raise self-value, self-esteem and self-worth through personal development training. This system is one of the most advanced and fastest ways to free you from your inner emotional prison. The system focuses on liberating the mind and recoding the self. As a result of using this system, individuals have been able to regain control of their lives and live in a more powerful way.

Your experiences in life are what shape you. Your good, happy and positive experiences lead you to feel valued with a high level of self-esteem and self-worth. However, your negative, traumatic and bad experiences can lead you to feel trapped, worthless and filled with fear. I believe everyone can overcome their negative experiences and be freed and empowered to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Within a few hours of independent coaching or attending a 1-week workshop, I am able to eliminate years of emotional pain and help recreate lives. When you work with me, I don’t just coach you in a particular area of your life. I support you on a path to reinvent yourself, remove roadblocks and fears and eliminate your deepest emotional harm.

As one workshop participant said, The way you were building up our self-esteem and the trust in ourselves to extend our comfort zone was perfect to get the right results.”

The time is now. Be unconventional. Become you. Live your dream. Connect with me here or also on LinkedIn and let me help you change your life.

Experience 1: HypnoCoaching Helps Client Reintegrate into Society After Traumatic Life Experience

My job can often time be challenging. Clients come to me in the most vulnerable and broken states. As difficult as it is to see people living in this dark and fearful place, I know they are capable of overcoming their past and being freed from their emotional prison.

One of my clients came to me at the age of 23. He was an orphan who had been physically and emotionally abused. He had no family, no job and few friends. He was highly sociophobic and lived in a constant state of fear. He was so overcome with fear that he avoided direct human contact and lived in isolation.

As he expressed this to me, he also expressed his deep desire and will to change. Together, we worked through a process to isolate the source of his pain and create a purpose for his life. I used a unique method called SystEmpathic© Process to recalibrate and reCode his nervous system.

After only 3 hours of work, he is now able to connect with people as he is no longer scared and fearful of others. He has also successfully applied to get a job and is beginning to build a new life.

SystEmpathic© process works because it gets to the core of human psychology. Essentially, it acts as crisis intervention and through its unique combination of methods this process is one of the most successful coaching techniques.

You can find more information about the SystEmpathic© HypnoCoaching and how to become a specialized HypnoCoach here:

Experience 2: Woman’s Marriage Saved and Intimacy Restored After 6 1-Hour Coaching Sessions Using the SystEmpathic© Process

Often times, when you are facing an emotional issue, it is the relationships closest to you that are impacted the most. Even when the people in your life are supportive of you, it is easy to take out emotional frustrations and blame these people.

This is exactly how one of my clients felt when she came to me. She was 43 years old and she simply felt burnout and emotionally exhausted. She did not know how to deal with her life and although her husband supported her, she was struggling with their relationship.

Using the SystEmpathic© Process, we first identified her target: How do you want to feel in life? We then identified the reasons she had been unable to reach that point. These reasons included past experiences in education, work-life balance and an actual situation with her father. Next, I used a systematic approach to address her social environment and provide her with the coaching tools necessary to live her ideal life.

After 6, 1-hour coaching sessions, the client was able to let go of her past, restructure her life, balance her relationship and find her strength. Emotionally, the coaching saved her marriage. After years, she is finally able to be intimate with her husband. She has a deeper level of self-awareness and can now live in a fulfilled and happy marriage.

It’s easy to feel burnout with people, your job and your relationships. However, by dedicating time to focus on yourself you can have freedom in your life and reinvent yourself now!

You can find more about the Reinvention Process here:

Experience 3: SystEmpathic© Process Cures Woman of Dizziness and Loss of Consciousness

My client, a 23-year-old- female, came to me looking for answers. Growing up, she had experienced a violent, abusive and unstable home. Once she removed herself from the situation, she became a stable, well-functioning adult.

Then suddenly, after 10 years of being removed from the abusive home she grew up in, she started experiencing dizziness and sudden loss of consciousness. This would come on very quickly and happen to her multiple times a day. She saw doctors, specialists and psychologists. She was hospitalized, monitored and screened; however, the results were inconclusive. The doctors found nothing wrong with her.

The dizzy spells came on so frequently she was unable to work and take care of her family. She was lost, confused and needed answers.

After just 1, 5-hour session using the SystEmpathic© Process, her problems vanished. She was no longer experiencing dizzy spells or loss of consciousness. As a direct result of this system, she was able to resume her normal life. She got a new job and is back to focusing on her family and living a healthy, successful life.

To learn more about this approach, check out an interview I did explaining my SystEmpathic© Process:

Some more personal Facts:

I might be your Mentor during a period of time in your life – if you accept my methods and my proven system.

By combining all these Methods I will support YOU on your path to ReInvent yourself, to remove all kind of roadblocks and fears. I will eliminate your deepest emotional harms you experienced in your past.

Now, what were the factors that IMG_0216brought me to coach you in your personal process of Creating your life and ReInventing yourself?

Looking back on my life I realized that I was constantly reinventing myself on the path of finding my passion – which I found recently: To coach people to become free of roadblocks, stress and fear in order to set them free to create a fulfilling life.

I started with nothing. My family was not really wealthy, we had to take care of the money and the most helpful wisdom my father gave me was:

„Whatever you have learned in life, nobody can take that away from you!“

By the age of 18 I left college, tried to study medicine without success, left university and then began to go for my own path, defining one puzzle after the other. On my journey, I was choosing things I loved to do which were supposed to help me nourish myself. From Dancing Rock’n’Roll to Tap dancing on TV, working in classical Marketing and organizing Marketing Events and even whole Trade shows I went on to collect lots of experience in project management and leading people who worked with me and for me.


Today as a Coach and Mentor, I can combine all these experiences in therapy, in coaching  and in the inspirational process iI do with my clients.

Even though I did not know why, I, later on, decided to become a massage therapist and a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM and Chinese Tai Chi. Well, the universe had put me on a new track and fortunately I followed, although it took a lot of my spare time and a whole lot of money to be trained. Yet, that decision saved me later.

Losing everything

By 2005 my marriage broke. Then I lost my job – and most of my so-called „friends“ too. After my separation, I rarely saw my three children for many years. I can tell you: Losing your job, your home and your savings is one thing. But losing your family, not getting the chance to see your children mostly hurts you more than any physical wounds.

That really brought me down. I remember a moment in my life when I thought: „OK, that’s it. I’ve had it all and it is OK now. I am ready to leave…“ – Well no way. It seems that I’ve got to do some work down here.

Still, I was responsible for my 3 children and had not only to live alone again but also had nothing left that I had earned before. The following 10 years I was facing extra costs of over $ 500’000.- which I had to earn somehow by practising TCM and by choosing again new ways to survive and by ReInventing myself again and again.

So I began my journey to my real mission: To empower people like you with families like yours to become the best person you possibly can become, to help relieve people from PTSD/Trauma and to potentially build a better world.

Rising like the Phoenix: Following my passion

I again followed my passion and finally became a Korean sword art teacher, attending the 2006 Korean world championships and won – Gold – as the eldest member of the Swiss Team, then at the age of 44.

Warrior-Ich  Korean Sword Art Demo

I followed my passion also in learning – I wanted to show and to teach people how to get out of life-crisis, of emotional breakdown, potentially without any medication.

During all my years on this planet I studied a lot of methods and became a Coach, studied to become certified Hypnotist and I went on to teach in workshops. I only learned from the best, that was my goal. And I mastered so many worthy techniques, combining them into a unique System: The SystEmpathic© Process which is so powerful because of 30 years experience in life, leading, supporting, coaching and therapy. For many years now I successfully practice in my own clinic, guiding and coaching clients to get out of their struggling life.

As you can see, I do not have a conventional education. But the pieces of the puzzle of my life are giving me an expertise which is unique – and which will serve you now.

Following my purpose, I met Nadine in 2009, the most amazing woman in my life who, since 2013, accepted to become my second wife. Today we are again a family with 2 children and also 2 dogs, living in our own house and developing unique Apps and Coaching-Systems.

As I said – there is a lot of work to do. I am sure this is the reason why I am still here – You!

Now my passion is to support you to ReInvent yourself. With my whole life experience, I can support you and guide you out of stress, burnout or fear and a lot of other, non-pleasant experiences you may be made in life which is holding you back to become who you truly are. The True YOU. 

It is Time Now: 

Time To ReInvent Yourself. 

And I am your ReInvention Coach. 

if you accept me, I will be Your Guide to that Path. 

Together, we will ReCode your Self and unleash your potential

Follow me. I know ways and I know solutions.

My 7 Step ReInvent Yourself Program will teach you how you can find a new, fulfilling life.

I will also provide Educational Training:

Teaching my SystEmpathic © Process

and the TEARS2TRUST Process

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