Christian gives passionate keynote and inspirational speeches not only from different point of cultural views but als from a diverse business background. He understands how to motivate and engage, and his teachings resonate across many boundaries.

Speaking at The Applied Science University Bahrain.


Christian speaks, advises, and coaches with passion, achieving high results in a short amout of time. His messages resonate with peoples deepest needs, empowering organizations to make positive changes by building value within the organization, for employees and customers as well in the most constructive form.

Mr. Ernesto Verdugo, Organiser of Speak in Dubai about Christian Semlitsch.

Keynote presentations can get insights into a topic or even become a turnournd point for Leaders, Owners and Self-Emplyees but if they want to go deeper, Christian is providing Coaching, Personal Support and Trainings.

Christian loves to give passionate keynote speakings about relevant topics, added with actual information or news and integrated into your companies core message. For example:

A change is taking place that is already affecting Customers and Companies. Customers expect more than being met by their expectations. They seek true Value from companies, Values that can be seen and felt throughout the content, that are being delivered, the way they are being treated and the way they can feel the organisations internal values in every piece of their product, communication and services.

Clients more and more start to turn away from companies whose values do not correspond with their own values so they start looking for other products.

Employees stop identifying with their employer, when they do not feel appreciated and when they can not identify with the services or the product in every way it is being produced, communicated and branded.

This keynote speaks to companies values, to branding and communication internally as well as externally. It includes many examples with concrete details to help you translate the message to tailor fit your company’s needs. Christian’s keynote will help you reach potential consumers with a keen eye towards meeting and over delivering their expectations.

Speaking at Dubai Internet City

The Power of a Purpose

Maybe you ask yourself what your purpose might be? In most of the cases it, is certainly not greed, as long as your name is not Gordon Gecko. Everybody has or had a dream. Finding your deepest dreams, accepting them as a message to follow and living them step by step fulfilling what your purpose might be is probably the most common way to achieve it.

Wether you are a business owner, manager or self employed: Pupose is the most effective and in my opinion the most important motivator in life. To have is like having an enginge that keeps you going, Purpose is like the gasoline that is driving you forward.

A clear purpose in life combined with your values is like having a GPS that is keeping you on track. Not everybody has a dream to become a high achiever, a business owner, Entrepreneur etc. But some of us want to make a difference in the world either by dreaming big or by helping one person. Either one is great.

Organizations, Founders, Owners and even you need a purpose in order to be successful and to sustain in the market. This keynote focuses on purpose driven leadership that is based on values, on how to integrate a team, even every employee to investigate their personal values and to integrate them in their daily work and their daily decisions. Every action, each decision, big or small, drives a company’s purpose and shows up internally and in the market.


Other Services

In addition to the keynote speeches listed above, Christian offers customer taylored seminars to specific topic all around leadership, Creating Customers for life and the potential use of modern communication systems like social media in alignement to a companies targets.

Although sometimes provocative in style, Christian is presenting in a way that is challenging and unconventional but leading to results in the specific area.

Want to have Christian as a keynote speaker at your next event? Feel free to contact him.