Christian Semlitsch, is an inspirational speaker and a keynote speaker who is providing high-level concepts and valuable content. His engaging speeches are backed up with decades of knowledge as a leader in business and as a coach for more than 30 years, creating a special learning experience for all attendees.

Christian also offers training and coachings with topics ranging from leadership and to business values and customer service. For companies that want a more in-depth training for their employees, Christian offers courses that last a half or a whole day. The training programs can also be combined with online courses when needed.

Speaking at the Applied Science University of the kingdom of Bahrain
Speaking at the Applied Science University of the kingdom of Bahrain

Why Christian Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

As a result of his experience, Christian can reach clients in multiple ways. As a former World Champion in Korean Swordart he is also known as the „Coach with the Sword“, adapting eastern martial arts philosophy to western business leadership training and Coachings.

Unlike other speakers who provide a motivational message, Christian’s message is coming directly from the heart, providing clarity, empowerment and unconventional procedures. Attendees leave his sessions with pages of notes, structured plans and strategies that can be successfully implemented in the company or the daily life.

Sometimes changing the personality within a speech...
Sometimes changing the personality within a speech…

Christian Semlitsch is an inspirational speaker with a huge leadership background as well as an extensive coaching- and therapeutic knowledge. The combination of these highly valuable experiences with martial arts, crisis intervention and much more and a true connection from the heart with his clients make his coachings and speakings unique. His SystEmphatic© Process is highly effective in his coaching and a true foundation for his clients.


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