Inspirational and Platform speaking

Presenting the SystEmpathic© Process:

ChristianSemlitsch-smmf2016Christian’s process is based on his life’s work, the SystEmpathic© Process, a combination of highly effective Methods enabling Coaches to liberate people from their inner emotional prison within a short amount of time.

Presenting his System on stage to aquire potential Coaches using his system to build a 5-7 figure business online and offline in their area is one of the  offers he is providing.

The offer contains a 7 day intense educational workshop and a 1-year support in closed member groups, lifelong updates about the further development of the method and the potential participation at update workshops at no costs.

The SystEmpathic© Process – Build a successful 5-7-figure HypnoCoaching Business based upon a proven System. Become a Coach or even a Country Educator/Manager.


ReCode your SelfSpeaking in Zurich

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and all the other aspects of the „Self“ are the most important ingredients to build up a successful career, relationship and a fulfilling life.

Christian is providing a 5 day intense workshop and Online Coaching System to help people to get out of their self-destroying inner talk and to bring them into a state of mind from where they are able to stand their ground – No Matter What.

On Platforms, he is able to motivate people to invest into his systems, showing his audience about the importance of these skills in their lives – they simply cannot resist.



How To Balance Stress And Avoid Burnout

Even in a company that has its Values defined and that is dedicated to their purpose, stress and a potential overload causing burnout is possible. Not only because our high speed communication and decreasing time frames are highly challengins but also because everybody in the company has his own history. Lack of self-awareness, self-esteem and many other personal development topics may lead employees as well as owners into a downwards driven health condition.

Living values on every level of an organization might also include taking care of our emplyees in a way that they serve the company the best way they can without self-destoying habits or behaviour patterns. Based on the size of a company, leaders on every level should be able to identify potential burnout candidates and find ways to support and improve their situation.

This sounds very challenging but can be achieved with quite low effort even before a severe problem occurs. This Keynote is not about problem solving but more on how to prevent them by living an organizations core values.


The Samurai Code for Business

The Coach with the SwordAs a former world champion in corean sword art, Christian is truly „The Coach With The Sword“ – leading, guiding and providing an other model of thinking. Having access to an eastern way of thinking and to the philosophy of what it means to „carry a sword“, his teachings are also living from inspirations from another part of the world.

Whatever we think we know about the ancient japanese Samurai, one thing is for sure: They were living on specific values and purpose. The essence of their foundation of living and serving offers a lot of insights that may serve you as Owner or Leader in your daily life: Clarity, Decision-Making, Honor and Straightforwardness. Some of these are part of the values you may already have implemented or not, but the Samurai way is in most of the cases completely different to the western way of thinking.

The challenge is: What if there was a way of combining the two models of thinking and serving in order to create outstanding achievements?


The Power of a Purpose

What is possible if a man has a dream, a purpose in life.

He can put a man on the moon, overcome heavy traumatic, both physical or emotional experiences, overcome physical disabilities or injuries, even severe sickness.

Learn more about the stories of ordinary people, of famous people and their dreams and let yourself become inspired.