What is the Result of your ReCode Your Self Workshop?


As a result of attending my ReCode Your Self Training you will not only empower yourself but definitely rewrite your internal Coding of your deepest Self, of your Self Esteem, your Self Value, Self Awareness, in other words every fundamental aspect of your Self. You will get access to your true self, to your whole potential and to stand your ground in life, feeling powerful, authentic and filled with Self-Trust and Clarity

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever experienced a situation in your life where you knew, you could have done better, where you realized, you were not using your full potential?
  • Have you ever had a situation in your life, where you were stuck in some unclear emotional state, you couldn’t act nor react the best way you could have – because something was holding you back.
  • Has there been any situation where you could not stand your ground, be or stay clear and defend yourself and your opinions against others?
A complete and happy family - best foundation for a good self esteem - But what if not.. ?
A complete and happy family – best foundation for a good self esteem – But what if not.. ?

Maybe you should consider that your Self-Esteem had been disturbed, maybe even destroyed. This is why you can not rely on your Self, this is why you loose ground in discussions, in meetings, in life.

Sometimes it was only one word, one sentence in your life, a special experience which you projected on your Self although it was not yours.

Now what if there was a solution to get rid of that old reaction patterns, to regain your self esteem, to rebuild your self value from scratch and to integrate this new behavior patterns in your life in a way you never thought possible?

I will give you the chance to do so.


Applying my SystEmpathic© Process I will address every layer of your conscious, your subconscious and your unconscious mind and guide you to ReCode Your Self in a way that it sustains.

I am using my SystEmpathic© Process in a clinical environment, with clients that already have developed heavy, unhealthy patterns. I use it with clients after violence, abuse, loss and my success rates are far beyond 90%.

If you want to change your life but couldn’t do it, if you want to succeed in relationship, business or other fields in life, you need to get rid of the old patterns, to ReCode Your Self, to hardwire it in a way that it is unforgettable – for your mind and your organism as a whole.

ReCode Yourself is a online-program and a workshop. You can easily use one of them to ReGain your self esteem – or both – to get access to the best results possible.


This is no schamanic woo-woo (although there are quite powerful schamanic rituals)

This is a proven System that enables you to get what you want in and from life.


See the Schedule to find out when and where I will be teaching you next time. Teachings will be available in english and/or german.