Create your Life or ReInvent it from scratch.

Video-Testimonial Dr. L.Fisher

In my ReInvention Workshops I create trust and connection, which enables me to guide, to support you with my SystEmpathic Process© and to potentially save you years or decades of suffering, maybe even save your life.

My goal is to let you go after an intensive week of TranceFormation with a clear plan what you will be doing to create the life YOU want.

You will come in chaos and leave with a plan that is possible to achieve, actionable and that fits to your lifes purpose.

This Workshop is for you if you:

  • are stuck in your life due to job loss, relationship loss
  • are stuck due to harmful experiences in your life, leaving you with no orientation
  • want to create a new life from scratch
  • have no orientation in life and want to find your life’s purpose.


  • Very intense Workshop with 1:1 work, Trance work.
  • The group process is adapted to the needs of the group although there is a general Context.
  • Systematic, Systemic and Empathic. Deep and goal oriented approach to support your life-creating process.
  • Single work, Group work and support, Trance-Work to get rid of your emotional triggers
  • One Year ONLINE Support in closed groups.

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