Results Count!

As a result of our coaching, you will potentially be able to:

  • Make decisions faster
  • Make better decisions
  • Get clarity faster
  • Move forward in less time
  • Save money
  • Get better contracts.

One person, one opportunity, one decision can change your life, your business, when done the best possible way.

By applying this proven process you will potentially change dramatically the financial future of yourself and your company.

Bring yourself to the cutting edge!

My goal is to bring the best possible to your company – By using the Samurai-Mindset and their values into your business. As a former World Champion and modern Business Coach, I am combining the best out of this world to support you with the goal to set you and your team to a higher level of decision making, focusing and an even more value-oriented mindset than you already provide. Together we are going the Extra-Mile – differentiating from our competitors and shining with our products and services to our customers.

Better Decisions – Better Results

What I perceive from clients as well as from a distant view from companies is a loss of clarity and some uncertainty in the decision-making process.

Usually, we think that we need to get clarity in order to decide – But this conclusion is far from the reality. It is a derivate from a security-based mindset that does usually not serve the client nor the company itself.

First comes Decision – then comes Clarity

With the best intention, we always try our best to anticipate what might come after a decision. Yet it is as we are driving in the night with our car. We cant see the landscape around us, we can only see what our lights can illuminate. We can’t see behind.

Making a decision is defining the setting and the next steps. Yet our thinking often remains in a pre-decision state, asking „what if I had decided the other way…?“ – The point is, that this question cannot be answered. And the persistence in looking back is going to inhibit us from proceeding and to focus on the next steps and the next decisions necessary. You cannot move forward by looking back.

Good or Bad Decision?

Quite often clients claim something a good or a bad decision. But it is what it is. Just a decision. It might be that you are not satisfied with the result or the consequences of your former decision, so you need to correct and to decide again. But often after some „bad“ decisions, people, even high executives shun to make decisions, looking for a secure way and in the same time blocking the company to develop, to become more successful.

Your Chance is right here and now!

In emergency situations, the samurai is deciding out of his instinct, his inner voice. Of course, he is well trained – as you are too, just in different fields. Now how can you and your team regain the ability to act and react the right way, making better decisions, getting more clarity and achieving better results?

Cutting the Edge - Become the BestThe combination of proven core systems that I am using I can teach you to change the way you look at things, to enhance your evaluation skills and to bring your inner voice, your gut-feeling, your instinct into alignment with your self.

Using Embodiment Techniques, Samurai Training Methods, Coaching Systems and Team Building as well as specific exercises I will train you and your team in groups or even executives in 1:1 settings.

Values, Decision Process, Clarity and a team that is working together, pulling the strings in the same direction as the Leader do will create outstanding services.

Cutting the Edge is Mission Critical. Now it is your turn to implement what I teach you.

Let me know, what I can do for you before your competitors do it.