What Workshop Participants Say:

Dean Hankey. The Dean of Success.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for guiding us through this workshop. It was very intensive and sometimes I reached – as you could see – also my personal borders. But it was absolutely necessary and great. It straightened and balanced, what got out of control in my life. – Nicole Schönbrodt


I came back home and I am already using and trying out all the input I got during your workshop. What touched me was to get in contact with my assertiveness and a warrior site in my soul, which I could bring back to life due to your support although it was deeply asleep out of reasons that I only can imagine. But definitely, I know that this side of mine is an important one. Last 5 years I was more concerned about my soft, more tender and humble side to find the power oft hat part of me. – Roland Haller

Retired Colonel Jill Morgentaler

The ritual at the end of the workshop was amazing – including waiting for it. We were in our rooms, totally under a kind of tension and awareness, waiting to hear who would be next. It developed its own dynamic. We were laying on our beds, sword in our hand and waited… We felt like a group of adventurers jumping into our next journey… – Olaf Scheunemann

What overwhelmed me in the beginning oft he workshop (and I think it still does), was all the experiences about energy, what was completely new to me. It was surprising and astonishing but absolutely worth to get in touch with…  – Markus Obreiter